Chesham Waterside (provisional title) is a large-scale masterplan and design project the office is currently running, which resides adjacent to a London Underground railway, commercial estate, allotment, and council owned car-park.

The site is extensive at over 2acres, primarily derelict and currently serves no viable or beneficial use to the local area and town at large, having remained empty for many years.


A group of beautiful mature willow trees surround the perimeter of the site, creating a natural border and barrier. This natural barrier ensures that our proposals will remain subordinate to nature and help to create an exceptional neighbourhood which is truly unique to find within the South-East.

A percentage of the properties will be able to boast of waterfronts at the bottom of their gardens.

Early designs indicate approximately 30 new premium detached properties each with a private waterfrontage, a proportion of which will be affordable housing.

Design will be contemporary yet sensitively incorporated into this neighbourhood – built to the very best standards through using premium materials, impeccable architectural design, and seamless integration with the town.

Provisions will be made to ensure minimal disruption to transport facilities through the design and integration of cycle and private car parking facilities.