Our client presented us with an original brief which requested that we improve their existing two bedroom 1920’s property family home. The existing property was constrained in depth and width, due to a strict Rights of Light corridor and level changes.

We designed an extension which overcame all space restrictions through an application that had spent great time in the planning process due to neighbour concerns regarding light. The extension cantilevers out by 1000mm, adding a stunning feature bedroom, en-suite, and a further spare bedroom ensuring that the family has a comfortable home.Electric skylights were inserted into the existing master bedroom, and the bedroom was extended out over the stairwell to a new window on the front elevation ensuring maximum light penetration.

We wanted to ensure a comfortable medium between our clients rights to extend, council guidelines, and enabling the maximum amount of light into the adjacent property. This was achieved via stepping back the proposed extension, in 1m blocks and recessing the boundary walls from the party wall by circa 200mm.

On project completion, all parties, including the neighbour were happy with the extension as built. It has greatly improved the rear elevation of the property.