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Cohanim Architecture and the client have finally received a complete "Faculty Permission" to build the first extension to the Grade 1 Listed St. Lawrence Church in the Diocese of Oxford as Church Architects. This is the first extension to the church since is was rebuilt in 1763, over 250 years ago. In no particular order, we have navigated:

1. Diocese of Oxford Outline Permission
2. Wycombe District Council Planning Permission
3. Wycombe District Council Heritage Architect
4. Wycombe District Council Building Control
5. DAC Permission
6. National Trust
7. English Heritage
8. The Georgian Society
9. Church Buildings Council
10. DAC Faculty Recommendation
11. Diocese of Oxford Public Consultation
12. Faculty Permission issued by The Worshipful Alexander McGregor MA, Barrister, Chancellor of the Diocese and Official Principal of the Right Reverend Steven John Lindsey by Divine Permission Lord Bishop of Oxford

A supplier of traditional clay tiles phoned us recently and mentioned that he had just supplied an order of clay tiles for a church roof for a project which an architect had finally won planning permission for after - wait for it - 16 years.

By this measure, as Church Architects in the Diocese of Oxford, we have completed this project with extraordinary speed, this is no doubt due to the teams unwavering dedication to the project, and fantastic assistance we received from the church stewards, officers and congregation.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

FACULTY WON for St. Lawrence Church, West Wycombe.